February 25, 2008

Another reason McCain won't get my vote.

Ogre's Politics and Views directed me to an article written by Chuck Baldwin titled John McCain is a Liberal Gun Grabber. Where as I am not familiar with Chuck Baldwin, his radio show or his principles, I do know that I agree with what he wrote here. He has a lot of good points and even some outstanding ones.

Let me say it straight out: a John McCain Presidency would be far worse than a Barack Obama Presidency. With a Democrat in the White House, conservatives and Christians suddenly find their principles and are able to offer resistance. Put a Republican in the Oval Office, however, and those same people become blind, deaf, and dumb to most any principle they profess.

I've been saying basically that same thing for a long time now. I've had the arguments that "Obama or Clinton in the white house would deliver us into a state of ruin." The problem is that, so will McCain, he'll just have an R behind his name. Shadoglare did a nice little breakdown of the candidates and which one came across as the best. It was good and informational. The only beef I had with it is that it's based on quotes not voting records and that the quotes can be interpreted differently be each reader. He ended up taking a stance that he's going to vote for the lesser of evil or the candidate that is closest to what he believes. (Albeit it none of them really are close at all.)

I've stated and sticking with my stance that I'm not casting my vote for McCain (or against his opponents). That doesn't mean I'm voting Obama/Clinton that just means I may end up writing in a candidate or seeing if there is a third party candidate I agree with more.

But if you want to know more about McCain and his voting records regarding firearms, please go read the article by Chuck Baldwin.

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